Almufi Journal of Language and Education: Informasi 2021-01-08T02:55:45+00:00 Open Journal Systems <p>Jurnal Almufi Journal of Language and Education (AJLE) is formerly known as AJLE. Was initiated and established for the first time on December 2020. Jurnal AJLE is published by Yayasan Al Mubarak Fil Ilmi beginning 2022. Jurnal AJLE is published biannual (Juli and Januari).</p> <p> Submissions are open year-around. However, before submitting, please ensure that the manuscript within Jurnal AJLE is written in English and follows our focus and scope and author guidelines.</p> <p>Jurnal AJLE contains research result acticles and/or critical-analytical study in education field with the purpose to explore, develop, and explain knowledge about design and educational technology, in order to keep practitioners and researchers informed about current issues and best practice which were writen by authors and researchers.</p>