Speaking English Problems Among the Efl Students in Higher Education


  • syarfuni Universitas Bina Bangsa Getsempena
  • Verawati Akademi Farmasi YPPM Mandiri

Kata Kunci:

Build sentences, Grammar, Pronunciation, Speaking


This study aims to explore the challenges faced by students in higher secondary schools while trying to achieve proficiency in English speaking. The problem of this study is that most of the second-year students produced incorrect communication for many English words. This study used a questionnaire to determine the extent of students' speaking skills in English. The researcher did interviews with students in order to investigate the challenges faced by English as a Foreign Language (EFL) learners in developing their speaking skills. There were a total of ten students in the study. The findings showed that the problems of speaking are the result of the readiness of students to use English. The difficulties they face are mainly in pronunciation of English words, lack of knowledge and grammatical competency, and limited number of collocations and phrases in the English language that makes students impossible practice speaking. Finally, the researcher recommends that teachers and learners getting of intelligibility, and the language laboratory should exist in all higher education to practice speaking. Teachers must familiar students with the theory and practice of teaching speaking and make the learners interested in practicing speaking.




Cara Mengutip

syarfuni, & Verawati. (2023). Speaking English Problems Among the Efl Students in Higher Education. Almufi Journal of Language and Education, 2(2), 11–16. Diambil dari https://almufi.com/index.php/AJLE/article/view/229




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